Colorado Health & Tech Centers Welcomes Canine Biologics to Its Innovation Campus at Greenwood Village, Colorado

Afshin and Jeff posing for Canine Biologics

The Colorado Health and Technical Centers (CHTC), a leading hub for health and technology innovation, is delighted to announce that Canine Biologics will be relocating its headquarters to the CHTC facility at 5800 S Quebec St, Greenwood Village, Colorado, effective January 1, 2024. This move signifies a strengthening of CHTC’s position as a premier destination for pioneering companies in the health and tech sectors.

Afshin Safavi, PhD, Founder and CEO of CHTC, shared his enthusiasm about Canine Biologics joining the CHTC family: “We are incredibly excited to welcome Canine Biologics to our state-of-the-art facility. Their commitment to advancing pet health through innovative solutions perfectly aligns with our vision at CHTC. Their presence will undoubtedly enrich our community of cutting-edge companies and contribute significantly to our collaborative and dynamic environment.”

Jeff Sutherland, CEO of Canine Biologics, commented on the relocation, underscoring the synergy between the two organizations: “Joining the CHTC family is a strategic move for Canine Biologics. The vibrant and innovative atmosphere at CHTC offers an ideal environment for us to grow and continue our mission in pet health nutrition and aligned technologies. We are excited about the opportunities for collaboration and advancement that being part of CHTC’s ecosystem provides.”

The integration of Canine Biologics into CHTC’s campus is expected to foster greater collaboration and knowledge sharing among leading health and technology experts. CHTC’s commitment to providing a collaborative space equipped with the latest technology makes it an attractive location for companies like Canine Biologics, which are at the forefront of their industry.

About Colorado Health and Technical Centers

CHTC is a premier hub for companies specializing in health and technology. Its primary campus, located in Greenwood Village, Colorado, fosters a collaborative environment that encourages innovation and progress in the health and technology sectors. CHTC is becoming the home of a diverse array of companies, driving advancements in medical research, biotechnology, medical devices and health-tech solutions.

For more information about the Colorado Health and Technical Centers, please contact Afshin Safavi, PhD, Founder and CEO, at  or (720) 392-8636.

About Canine Biologics

Canine Biologics, a leader in integrated nutrition systems for pets, focuses on creating scientifically formulated products to enhance the health and longevity of companion animals. Their flagship product, NutriDaptTM combines advanced veterinary science with high-quality ingredients to offer a comprehensive enteral nutrition solution for pets in critical care.

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