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Biotech Laboratories

Specialized workspace solutions for your research needs

Custom, Convenient & Secure Laboratory Space

Our experts will guide you to set up your workspace for the technical specifications required for your research

Right Size

Helping to determine the amount of space you will need depending on the factors of your equipment, workflow, and employees.

Design Support

Every research effort is unique, so all CHTC architects and designers are experts in building the appropriate lab and amenity space for your team.


The safety and security of your team comes first and safeguards are in place including: backup generators, door entry systems, and 24/7 security.

Flexible Terms

Prioritizing the growth of your firm is what matters. By offering flexible terms you can reach your goals and expand your space and time if you need to.

Team working in a rental lab

Don’t let finding laboratory space hold back your project, CHTC has cut out the middlemen to make this process seamless for your innovation. Our partners are here to assist you in your research endeavors.


Expertly designed around your specific process needs and how your team will move through the space


Your laboratory will be outfitted with resources to reduce lab waste and conserve energy

Storage Solutions

Clean, safe, functional storage solutions are a part of every build-to-suit lab environment

Safe Workspaces

Lab environments that can be designed and built to achieve Biosafety Level 2 requirements