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  • A CHTC workspace shell is a specific suite or floor in a CHTC building.
  • A CHTC shell includes your floor, windows, walls, and the roof of your design-to-build workspace and will also include basic HVAC, electrical and plumbing preparations.
  • CHTC shells typically do not come with internal walls or interior space partitioning, individualized tenant finishes, or fixtures. Together with your specific HVAC, electrical, plumbing, shipping and receiving features, these elements are combined to create your individualized lab, office space, practice space or tech manufacturing site.
  • Speed and availability – CHTC shells take some of the worry – and work – out of the process up getting your workspace environment up and running. They are sited in appealing buildings with basic HVAC, plumbing and electrical pre-work already completed.
  • Cost – CHTC tenants who customize a shell get just what they need to run their business – no more, no less. So, tenants don’t pay for things that they don’t need. Your costs result directly from the specific features that you want.

No; shells have all of the basics that any tenant will need. After choosing your shell’s building or campus location, you’ll participate in a design and build process with your Lead Space Manager at CHTC to turn that shell into the individualized lab, office space, practice space or tech manufacturing site that is just right for your business.

Ranging from 1,000 SF to as much as 500,000 SF, our laboratory shells can be customized to meet the needs of very large and well-established biotech and pharma companies right down to startups with just a few employees.

Yes; shells are available in a wide variety of sizes and in a number of CHTC buildings and campuses. Add new, existing shell space to be up-converted into manufacturing space adjacent to your existing CHTC workspace environment, or we’ll help you scale up into another CHTC building or campus.