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Medical & Healthcare Offices

Our team will help any medical, dental, or therapy practice design their ideal office & lab environment

Options for Colorado's
Healthcare Providers

CHTC’s team will help you design a modern environment that patients and employees will love

Custom designs mean that you pay only for those features you need

Expertly built to satisfy stringent ADA  requirements for patients and employees

Well-marked campuses and adjacent parking make your office easy to get to

All CHTC shells can be designed to facilitate biohazardous waste removal

Every medical office can be designed to feature an integrated lab space

From laboratory storage to admin records your space will have what you need

Put Your Patients and Clients At Ease

CHTC’s team will engage with you so that no stone is left unturned. From leases that will guarantee exclusive use provisions to the safety and privacy of your patients, you’ll be able to advance your practice in the care of our team. 

Secure Facility

24/7 Security Monitoring, door entry systems, and backup generators

Flexible Lease Options

Lease adapted to the specific needs of the tenant with a medical practice

Seamless Process

Qualified experts from design to financing to get your practice up and running