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Colorado Health & Tech Centers Locations

With 10 locations from Colorado Springs to Fort Collins and over 1 million square feet of workspace solutions being planned and built – CHTC can help your business locate where the most talented workforce wants to live, work, and play.

The post-Pandemic Nature of Work is Changing: Be Ready to Thrive in a New Work Paradigm

The very nature of how employees want to work every day continues to undergo rapid change, but there is a clear trend emerging that favors neither a traditional office/work paradigm, nor a strict work-from-home model.

Businesses and employees are instead tracking toward a hybrid work model that reflects elements of both approaches.

Clarity on preferred future work environments will take time to emerge (see the renderings gallery below), but in the meantime, your business can be where employees want to be.

Colorado’s best and brightest talent are already spread out in their current locations and in their aspirations of where to make their careers and raise their families.

Our many locations alleviate the rigidity of a single-site work location, removing some of the guesswork and risk associated with deciding where to put your business.