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CHTC is Featured on Mile High Living

At Colorado Health & Tech Centers, we are dedicated to advancing health and technology in our community. We believe that sharing knowledge and innovation through multimedia is essential for spreading awareness and inspiring positive change. Below are some featured videos from our recent segments on Mile High Living, Channel 7 in Denver.

Colorado's New Health & Tech Centers

Description: Join us as we explore the turnkey solutions available at Colorado Health & Tech Centers. This video provides an in-depth look at our Greenwood Village campus and highlights the expertise and innovative spirit driving our projects. Learn about our founder’s journey to Colorado and his vision for creating innovation hubs that bring together talent from various fields, including biotech, primary care, and medical devices.

Colorado's New Health & Tech Centers Part II

Description: In the second part of this Mile High Living segment in which Dr. Safavi talks about helping to promote innovation in Colorado. Dr. Safavi took a trip to the Nordic Region with Governor Polis to meet counterparts to promote the new spaces in Colorado.

Each of these videos reflects our commitment to advancing health and technology. We invite you to watch and share these stories to help us spread the word about the important work being done at Colorado Health & Tech Centers.

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